Sala kakuhle*

*Hopefully (by the power of free online translation) this is Xhosa for “goodbye” or more literally “stay well”.

And so we arrive at the final South Africa trip post.  I’m quite proud that I’ve managed to get all these posts up in less time than I was away on the trip itself.  Also, as much as I’ve enjoyed reflecting on the trip, recording my memories, and editing/posting the photos, I’m quite looking forward to getting into regular posting more along the life journey themes that I’ve come to enjoy writing about on this blog.

These photos are from the last few days of my trip and were taken in and around Cape Town.

We toured and tasted wine at Groot Constantia winery.

We took the cable car up Table Mountain and hung out for awhile.

We drove to the Cape of Good Hope and stood at the southern most tip of Africa.

We hung out with the penguins at Boulders Beach.  Penguins!

My friend Lesley and I took the ferry over to Robben Island where political prisoners were held under apartheid.  Nelson Mandela spent 18 years in cell #7.  In a kind of surreal twist, former political prisoners act as tour guides on Robben island.  They live there now, voluntarily (in houses), alongside some of the former prison guards.

We hauled our asses up some pretty steep hills (twice) to take pictures in the very photogenic Bo kaap neighbourhood of Cape Town.

We walked along the beach at Camps Bay.

I will end the round up of my trip to South Africa with a huge thanks to Lesley because it’s down to her (and the Life List) that I took this trip at this time.  It was just what I needed.  For future reference, Lesley is a great companion for a boozey city tour.  She also looks damn good in a headscarf.


About Debra Cowie

Debra is a photographer and visual storyteller based in Ottawa, Canada. She is an explorer at heart, whose passion for photography was born in travel and has been carried with her to more than 30 countries so far. Debra is also an avid cook and baker and much of her current work focuses on food styling and photography in her serendipitously beautifully lit kitchen. She has flirted with Polaroid and 35mm film photography but her true love is her DSLR (aka "Boyfriend Mark").
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2 Responses to Sala kakuhle*

  1. Jessica says:

    Sounds awesome! My bestie just spent her honeymoon in Africa. She and her husband took the cable car up to the top of Table Mountain but then they tried to climb down. They went a little ways down and quickly realized they needed to just take the cable car down. From photos, I don’t know what they were thinking!

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