He and She








About Debra Cowie

Debra is a photographer and visual storyteller based in Ottawa, Canada. She is an explorer at heart, whose passion for photography was born in travel and has been carried with her to more than 30 countries so far. Debra is also an avid cook and baker and much of her current work focuses on food styling and photography in her serendipitously beautifully lit kitchen. She has flirted with Polaroid and 35mm film photography but her true love is her DSLR (aka "Boyfriend Mark").
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3 Responses to He and She

  1. Marina Sorr. says:

    wow, these two shots are amazing!!! the colours and silhouettes are fascinating! and I am so curious: where have you found them?

  2. Debra says:

    Your photos are fantastic! I especially like these two; where did you see those?

    • Debra says:

      Thanks so much! These figures are on a fence/billboard around a construction site near my office. They’re showing how hip you’ll be if you buy one of the condos being built. It’s funny but when I was taking these someone asked me (for the first time ever) why. I said that I just found them interesting. Glad you do too!

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