Pieces of Me

I am lucky to have found a great community, or several communities, really, of photographers online. Every day I am inspired and encouraged and supported and frankly blown away by what these “photo friends” of mine are doing. This year, along with my 365 project I’ve been invited to play along with projects that are being hosted by some of these amazing photographers.

{in the picture} is one of those projects.

I first came across the work of Urban Muser Christy on Instagram. She has a fantastic knack for shooting street portraits of strangers on the New York City subway. At some point I came to learn that Christy is also a really talented and creative self portrait photographer. What Christy can do with an iPhone is nothing short of amazing. I was thrilled to have one of my own selfies featured in her Muse University post on self portraits for Mortal Muses. All that to say that I’m so pleased that Christy has created the {in the picture} self portrait project and community and I’m really excited to be part of it.

As part of {in the picture} I’m committing to take at least weekly self portraits over the year.

This is interesting to me for a few reasons. First, I like the thought that I will have a series of self portraits to look back on at the end of the year. I like the fact that I won’t just be documenting how I see the outside world but also how I look and how I see myself. Also, I have lots of ideas for self portraits and having a weekly commitment to do one will hopefully give me some extra motivation to put these ideas into practice. The two photos above are examples of that. I’ve been meaning to do a self portrait double-exposure on Polaroid since Meghan taught me how at Camp. I love the ghostly effect of the image. As well, I’ve been meaning to get out and shoot that path in its winter glory and when I got there I just KNEW that I had to take some selfies framed in those trees (fortunately there weren’t *too many* dog walkers out!).

So back to {in the picture}. This month’s theme was “pieces of me”.

I think it was a perfect theme for January. We’re just starting into the year and what better way to start (or re-start) a self portrait exploration than by revealing pieces of ourselves to the lens.

Maybe just a tiny sliver…

… then a bit more

And because I can never resist a colourful prop…

So thanks again to Christy for {in the picture}. I’ll be playing along all year and sharing my selfies here on the blog once a month as part of the linky party. I invite you to check out Christy’s site and the other {in the picture} participants and if you’re so inclined we’d love for you to join in.


About Debra Cowie

Debra is a photographer and visual storyteller based in Ottawa, Canada. She is an explorer at heart, whose passion for photography was born in travel and has been carried with her to more than 30 countries so far. Debra is also an avid cook and baker and much of her current work focuses on food styling and photography in her serendipitously beautifully lit kitchen. She has flirted with Polaroid and 35mm film photography but her true love is her DSLR (aka "Boyfriend Mark").
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20 Responses to Pieces of Me

  1. Becky Sue says:

    Ooo, love that ghostly image! Nice work, Debra!

  2. Deborah says:

    I’ve known of you through Big Picture Classes in the last year, and it’s nice to find you here. Your self portraits are beautiful. My favorite is that of you on that winter path. And I’m always so so impressed by women who can wear high heels like those!

    Deborah T (my BPC name)

  3. urban muser says:

    debra, so happy to have you playing along this year. your work is fun and creative and i look forward to seeing more of you {in the picture} this year! thanks for linking up today 🙂

  4. Kim Stevens says:

    These are all great, but I really love that first one, gorgeous!

  5. Kim Stevens says:

    LOL, okay I do love the first one, but I meant the second one with the trees! ; )

  6. seabluelee says:

    Very nice! I’m looking forward to seeing more from (and of) you!

  7. Andy says:

    I like the one of you on the snowy path. Just holding your arms out rather than being in a simple walking pose added to the photo. I am also doing a 365 project. Today will be photo 241. It’s tough think up something different every day.

  8. Lynne says:

    Very cool red shoes and very creative images!

  9. Rinda says:

    Awesome job! I love those shoes! And walking down the lane is beautiful. The ghostly image is very evocative as well.
    Thanks for sharing,

  10. georgia says:

    what you did in that first shot is so cool! love it!

  11. Stephanie says:

    Love the shoes/legs shot. Something about it is kinda sexy to me. Not sure if that’s what you were going for but I love it!

  12. Debra, I love following how your photrography is growing and growing. I am very glad you took ownership of the epithet “Photographer” as you truly are one!

  13. I really enjoyed your post and love your selfies. Beautiful!

  14. twesely says:

    there are all so so so good! you’re such an inspiration.

  15. Weekly self portraits could be a major challenge – good for you! It’s sure a lot easier and comfortable to hide behind the camera.

    I’ve enjoyed checking out your blog – keep it up!
    Thanks for the positive tweets about Kinfolk, as well. So glad you’ve been enjoying the magazine.

    – Nathan

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