Hi, I’m Debra.  I live in Ottawa, Canada.  For a long time I have worked hard at my job and I’ve come to realize that I need to work harder at my life (though the job is great and I’m still totally a hard worker, promise!).  I’m kind of still figuring out how to do that.  This blog is a complete vanity project.  I make no guarantees that anything profound will be said here (but if you find any gems, please me so kind as to let me know).

Photos on this site, unless otherwise credited, have been taken by me.  Photography is a new creative outlet for me.  Most photos on the site have been taken either with my Pentax K-m DSLR or my iPhone (though the banner was taken in Bali with my Sony point-and-shoot).

If you’re going to invest any of your precious time to read this blog, you may wish to know where I stand on the important issues, so here goes:

  • Pilates over yoga
  • Public bus in India over 4* all-inclusive
  • Cake over pie
  • Dooce over Pioneer Woman (but let’s face it, I read both every day)
  • Mac over PC
  • German cars over American, Japanese, etc.
  • iPhone over Blackberry
  • Soccer over hockey (un-Canadian, I know, but I’m cool with it)
  • Minimal over ornate
  • Damon Salvatore over Stefan

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