Life List

In the tradition started by the great Maggie Mason, a few months ago I created the Manifeisty Life List of 100 (almost) things to do before I go.  One of the reasons that I created this blog was to have a space where I could keep track of my list and my progress in crossing things off (the photo above is the original version of the list, done on scrap paper in teal ink) .  And now look! Down there, “do a blog” is crossed off!  How easy, really.  And so satisfying.

As I do things from the list I’ll write about them here.  And you see down there the last item on the list “Help somebody check off one of the items on THEIR list”?  I’m up for it.  If you have a list item of your own that you think I can help with, pitch it to me.  Also, if you see anything down there that jives with one of your special gifts and you want to help me out, let me know.

Make a new recipe each week | Do a blog |  Go to Paris with someone that I love | Make a braised meat meal | Perfect a pasta sauce and meatballs | Do the photo wall in the living room | Get married | Honeymoon in Hawaii | Renovate and old house | Buy an original work of art | Take a David Trattles photo seminar | Photograph the “big 5” on safari in Africa | Travel to Buenos Aires | Drive the California coast | Take a wine tour in Napa | Take a class at the Urban Element | Take a class on flower arranging | Get a CSA | Bake a perfect 4-layer cake | Go to Quebec City | Bake 500 new desserts | Bake bread | Group trip to Vegas | Get a regular meditation practice going | Stay at an Ace hotel | Throw my parents a party for their 50th anniversary | Plan a big, fancy party | Keep up my French | Do the Pilates push-up with arabesque | Make a full-on holiday dinner with turkey and all the fixins | Make my own pasta | Make my own jam/antipasto/canned things | Try 50 Ottawa restaurants | Do a 365 photo project | Organize my photos | Organize an online recipe file | Build a Habitat for Humanity house | Go back to Salt Spring Island | Take a surfing lesson | Spend a night in a hotel room on stilts in the water | Own a cottage on the water | Host a desserts party | Drink a glass of local wine in each of the top 10 wine-making countries in the world: Italy, France, Spain, Australia, Chile, USA, Germany, Argentina, Portugal, South Africa | Spend a long weekend in Niagara on the Lake | Visit Tibet | Make tortillas from scratch | Have backyard chickens | Go back to Cape Cod | Visit New Orleans | Volunteer to sit on the board of a charity I believe in | Fix apatite necklace from India | Live in another country for a year | Sped a week a Plum Village | Rent a villa in Provence or Tuscany | ROAD TRIP | Make pottery | Take pole dancing | Do a gastronomic tour of Spain like Gwyneth and Batali | Eat pizza at Delancey | Get another international relations job | Have a baby | Read one book a month | Do a restaurant tour in NYC | Go to high tea at the Chateau Laurier with the girls | See roller derby live | Do a cooking tour in southeast Asia | Read 3 Jane Austen books | Spend a week on a sailboat | Get a smoker and … smoke things (?) | Remain debt free (except my mortgage) | Photograph 100 faces | See a World Cup soccer game | Go OUTSIDE every weekend (and to/from the car doesn’t count | Get a good espresso maker | Taste black truffles | Organize a big charity event | Live somewhere with palm trees | Have a super fancy gas range and cook food worthy of it | Do a restaurant tour of San Francisco (incl. The French Laundry) | Take a wine tasting class/learn about wine | Get a housecleaner | Have an article of clothing custom made for me | Make authentic pad thai and pho | Buy a Bluesfest pass in the VIP | Become a regular at a neighbourhood restaurant | Do the Quantum Wellness cleanse at least once a year | Focus on being interestED rather than interestING | Find a way to leave the world a tangibly better place than it was when I got here | Choose to eat ethically |  Keep up Pilates | Hear all of the “1001 Albums You Must Hear Before You Die” | Help somebody check off one of the items on THEIR list.

Tips on making your own life list can be found here.  You should stop reading and start writing.  Seriously.  This is change your life stuff, people.  Don’t believe it?  How aobut this?  I’ve been talking, wishing, wanting to go to Africa on safari for AGES (seriously, YEARS).  Well, I leave on January 7th.  An opportunity came up.  A friend is going to be in Cape Town and she thought it would be fun to hook up.  So I went for it.  Because it is on the list.


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  10. Cyndy says:

    something prompted me to sit down with my mug-a-mocha this morning and see what you’ve been up to! Of course I had to click thru from the 500 desserts comment and I came here. Hey…let’s go to Saltspring together! You can then check it off your list! Maybe by then I will have my own list. Missing our days at camp but feeling so being grateful for meeting you at last. it really was a highlight of my year. Are you coming to BC at Christmas? Maybe you, Mic and I can plan a gathering. Let me know! CyndyIB
    PS. A 365 isn’t as hard as you might think! I’m on day 333!

  11. nalen says:

    I have never written my life list yet, If I do, one of them is to visit Ottawa, Montreal and Quebec all of the same week. Me and my fiance are planning to do that this summer together with my daughter. We felt that we need and I am very sure that we need our vacation after two years of being imprisoned by my fiance’s health issues. We need a break and we both deserves to see other places, the three places I mentioned above are my personal choices. How I love to see them.

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