A Mooch Around



mooch: (v) To wander about with no particular destination in mind, ideally with a camera.

Ever since Xanthe Berkeley suggested we meet up to have a mooch around Brick Lane in London I have co-opted this word as my own. I adore it. It just perfectly describes one of my favourite ways to pass the time. Today my camera and I had a nice mooch around the Gastown neighbourhood of Vancouver.

Want to join us on the August Break?

August Break 2012

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Dream. Life.

I read about Marché St. George in Canadian House and Home magazine a couple of years ago and something in my gut whispered “This should be your life”. I know that shelter magazines are designed to inspire envy and feelings of “oh, I would love to have that life” but this was different.

“This should be your life”.

It was more than the beautiful store that inspired me. It was the lifestyle of the owners, who lived upstairs and used the store space for personal gatherings. It was the sense of community that they intended to grow up around the store (and judging from things like the Kinfolk dinner, they have). I felt it. I loved it. And I could picture myself doing it in my own community. At the time I cut out the article and pasted it into my journal.

These days it’s not an active dream. I’m not strategizing around it or working towards it. But it’s there. My maybe dream life.

I finally got to visit Marché St. George on this trip home to Vancouver and they very kindly allowed me to take some photos while I was there.

Want to join us on the August Break?
August Break 2012

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My vacation home started with a family barbeque. I loved watching my niece and nephew play on the trampoline – starting with a few tentative bounces that got higher and more daring as the day went on.

Want to join us on the August Break?
August Break 2012

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Counting Down


My (regretfully short) summer vacation begins in just a few hours. Things have been ridiculous at the office and I am really, really looking forward to the break. I’ll be heading to the west coast to hang out with family and friends. Of course my camera(s) are coming with me and I expect to be posting some while I’m away.

Until then, I thought I would put up a couple of pretty, serene shots from this past Sunday’s photo walk in Wakefield.

Wakefield Reflected

Want to join us on the August Break?
August Break 2012

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Black and White


In yesterday’s post I mentioned the photo walk I took on Sunday. I’m making an effort to get out of my box a little (and get out of my house a lot more), which led me to join a local photography group on meetup.com. While many of the events (model shoots, etc.) don’t really appeal to me the idea of a photo walk really did. I really enjoy hanging out and shooting with other photographers. The problem is that most of my photography friends live in other cities. It was nice to get out with other people and do some shooting*. I travelled light and brought just my digital with a 50mm lens and my SX-70. These shots are from the SX-70 and Impossible Project PX100 film. I don’t shoot a lot of black and white as I’m so drawn to colour in what I see but it was nice to focus on form and light. 

In the water

*I’m still not planning to attend any of the nude model shoots (creeper alert!!)

I’m participating in the August Break. Join us?

August Break 2012

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A Month of Photos: Taking the August Break


Wow. I can hardly believe we’re back around to August. Like last year, this month I’ll be participating in Susannah Conway‘s August Break project. I’ll try to be here most days to share a photo or two and maybe a few words as well.

It feels as though so much has changed for me since last August, and in so many ways. Looking at the photo above I’m struck by the physical change I’ve made. I’ve gotten used to the body I see in the mirror every day – the one that is more than 60lbs lighter than it was last August – but this is the first self portrait I’ve taken in many months and it’s just so different from the way I’m used to seeing myself in photos.

This photo was taken on the weekend (not exactly August but that’s the great thing about the Break, there are no rules!) when I hung back a bit from the group during a photo walk in Wakefield, Quebec. I may share a few more photos from that walk in the coming days.

Oh and back for a moment to the subject of changes and things that are new, I’m not sure if I’ve shared here or not but I’m thrilled to be blogging over at Mortal Muses. It’s pretty exciting to be among the Muses – a group of photographers that I admire and like a whole lot – and to see the talent and creativity in the Muse Flickr pools. Lots of plans are taking shape at Muse HQ so watch for a redesign soon and check out/drop a few photos into the pools.

August Break 2012

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Gladstone Hotel

I love a big city. I spent the weekend hanging out in Toronto and at one point on Saturday, while waiting on the subway platform, I realized that I was just so energized. I know that I tend to feel this way in most cities — London, Paris, San Francisco. There’s something about the busyness and bustle, mixed in with the noise and the sense that opportunities are everywhere, that gives me a buzz. Everything seems more vibrant in a big city.

Toronto colours

In the nine years since I left Toronto I have only been back a handful of times; mostly for work. So when Susannah said that she’d be making a Toronto stop on her book tour, I decided to make a weekend of it.


I stayed in the funkiest neighbourhood I know, in one of the city’s coolest hotels. It was all pretty rockstar.

Gladstone breakfast

I wandered with my camera.

Brunch scene


I met new friends and reconnected with dear ones.

I shopped. I ate.

Izakaya + two food photogs = heaven

I soaked up as much of the city goodness as I could.



As I drove home down the highway, watching the skyscrapers fade from my rearview mirror, I felt both nostalgic and energized. And counting the days until my next big city adventure.

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