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I love a big city. I spent the weekend hanging out in Toronto and at one point on Saturday, while waiting on the subway platform, I realized that I was just so energized. I know that I tend to feel … Continue reading

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Pieces of Me

I am lucky to have found a great community, or several communities, really, of photographers online. Every day I am inspired and encouraged and supported and frankly blown away by what these “photo friends” of mine are doing. This year, … Continue reading

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Coming to the Mat

I’d tried yoga. I’d done a few classes here and there along the way. Once I even did a 90 minute yoga video in my living room because I thought I was going to get laid afterward (who knew that … Continue reading

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Enough with the Peep!

That silly Peep has been nagging at me. There it has sat, all yellow and cheery, at the top of my blog home page since Easter. Frickin’ EASTER! Every time I open Safari the Peep mocks. Little yellow creep. I … Continue reading

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Five Senses Friday

Well, I know that I said last Friday that these Five Senses Friday posts would be my way to look back upon and mark my experiences from the week but I promise that I didn’t intend to go a whole … Continue reading

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Word to Action

  As I mentioned, I’ve chosen a word for 2011: OPEN.  For March’s One Little Word class assignment Ali Edwards challenged us to turn our words to action. She asked us to look at what we planned to invite into … Continue reading

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Sala kakuhle*

*Hopefully (by the power of free online translation) this is Xhosa for “goodbye” or more literally “stay well”. And so we arrive at the final South Africa trip post.  I’m quite proud that I’ve managed to get all these posts up in … Continue reading

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